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Cannon Earl Grey Tea


Image of Cannon Earl Grey Tea

This unique Earl Grey blend combines a smoky, high-fired black tea from the highlands of northern India with a citrusy bergamot extract, producing a tea with a bold and assertive flavour profile. The dominating note in the infusion is that of a high-fired black tea, which lends a tobacco-like taste to the brew, complemented by a sweet and fragrant flavour of bergamot that compliments the intense smoky notes in the just the right amount.

High fired, bergamot, tobacco


Robust, slightly brisk, velvety with high notes of high fired leaves, tobacco and bergamot

Cold filtered O2 Rich Water: 180 ml
Temperature: 85-90 oC
Tea Leaves: 1.5 tsp / 2.5 g
Time: 5 Mins