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English Breakfast Tea


Image of English Breakfast Tea

Our English Breakfast Tea is rich and robust and is just the tea to turn to when you need a quick pick me up tea first thing in the morning.

The flavour takes you from mellow sweet notes to stronger, with subtle notes of honey, malt and a hint of tobacco make this a velvety-smooth tea. Finishing on brisk note, this tea is the just best way to start a day.

Sense of malt and honey followed by hints of high fired leaf

Deep red

This tea blends classic sweet-smoky flavours to create a dense and sweet tea with a scent of malt and honey, peppered with a smoky hint that stays well into the finish. Robust and smooth, a dash of milk compliments the brew perfectly.

Cold filtered O2 Rich Water: 180 ml
Temperature: 85-90 oC
Tea Leaves: 1.25 tsp / 2.5 g
Time: 5 Mins