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Russian Caravan Tea


Image of Russian Caravan Tea

The story of Russian Caravan Tea tells that on the long caravan journeys from the Far East to the North the teas would take on a dense, smoky taste of the campfire, which was, pleasantly enough, smooth and peculiarly enjoyable. Captured in this blend is the folksy charm of oriental tea from back in the day; smoky and sweet and just a little bit of everything that makes a good black tea great.

Pleasantly high-fired, reminiscent of a fireplace, and tints of fruit leather.


From the start, the cup imposes the palate with a robust quality, marked by strength and range of flavours. A bold note of high-fired tea dominates the cup, charcoal-like in experience, while an undercurrent of fruit leather cuts the anxiousness of the tea.

Best enjoyed with rich foods, such as pies and mac & cheese.

Cold filtered O2 Rich Water: 180 ml
Temperature: 85-90 oC
Tea Leaves: 1.25 tsp / 2.5 g
Time: 5 mins